Prague Hacks 2016

Put Open Data in Motion, and Improve Life in Prague

Applications will be opened soon

Hackathon: September 30 - October 2 @ Node5

Developers who want to show their skills, write software and master emerging technologies.

Idea makers who can build innovative, open-source widgets and applications to change the way people feel and live their city.

Data scientists who know how to  find new ways to use open data and uncover data knowledge.

Urbanists who want to share their expertise, and  keep the focus on solving real problems and interesting issues.

Anyone who can help  generate new insights, brainstorm, design projects and tests ideas, so #PragueHacks 2016 will make a real difference to the city and its residents.

Any city can become a better, friendlier place to live, when the private sector, government, and active citizens work together to address new challenges. Together, we can all give the city the tools to become better than ever. To make this happen, #PragueHacks 2016 will bring together software developers, idea makers, data scientists, and urbanists to create a new City Dashboard (like this one). This open data platform can be filled with small, interactive widgets that will help us all to understand, and to change, our own dynamic urban environment, and see the wonder of life in this great city in a whole new way.

Over the course of a weekend, participants will organize into small teams, familiarize themselves with the technological requirements, and show their skills by writing software, designing mock-ups for a widget of their own, and implementing it while using available open data.

#PragueHacks 2016 will tackle some of the core issues of living in the city, suchas Mobility & Population, Leisure & Education, Good Governance & Transparency and Environment & Social Services – all of which can be addressed through open data from multiple sources.

No way! This event is open to anyone who cares about the city- you don’t need to be a resident to apply. You can even camp at Node5, if you bring a sleeping bag and mat. The event’s official language is English.

Of course! You can even make the fruits of all your hard work open-source, if you want. There are no obligations, as long as you use the available Open Data sets and create something useful for the residents, businesses, or municipalities of Prague. That’s it.

Not at all. When the Hackathon kicks off, you’ll have the chance to pitch your idea to all participants, or to join a team you find interesting. Teams may combine or split up according to their interests and goals. Teams should consist of 2 to 5 people with diverse skills.

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