Prague Hacks 2016

Put Open Data in Motion, and Improve Life in Prague



Real Reality

Team: Ivo Šmíd, Michal Bernhard, Lukáš Marek

Description: Check the location before moving in! Real reality is a Google Chrome plugin which shows additional info about locality on real estate sites (currently Showing: [x] parking zones [x] air quality [x] day/night noise [x] transport times [x] Liftago prices.

Data sources: Github - Real Reality, Opendata Praha: Ovzduší, Opendata Praha: Silniční doprava, Opendata Praha: Hluk, Geoportál Praha


Web: Real Reality - Google Chrome Web Store


Team: Jozef Hartinger, Lukas Svoboda, Marek Aufart, Petr 'PePa' Pavel

Description: City hall documents displayed as a map overlay. Discover documents that are related to a specific area, now with optional filtering by category. Features documents from more than 1,200 official bulletin boards (via

Data sources: Mapa Samosprávy,

Contact: , , ,

Web: Mapa Samosprávy

On a picnic

Team: Adam Benda, Jana Horecká, Adéla Volfová

Description: The aim of the app is to find in Prague places suitable for picnic and to provide information relevant to it (distance from public toilets, source of drinking water, parking or public transport stop, street lightning etc.). The quality of the environment based on the quality of air, noise or sunlight is included in evaluation of the picnic area.

Data sources: Opendata Praha: Hluková mapa, Opendata Praha: Bonita klimatu, Estudanky, Portál Hlavního města Prahy, Geoportál Praha, OpenStreetMap, IPR Praha, Praha Zelená,


Web: Kam na piknik


Team: Tomáš Holub, Kateřina Pavlová, Šimon Rozsíval, Jan Kodat

Description: Application shows on the map the possibilities of construction and design of public space in the particular locations in Prague. Authors of current and older projects are not only constructers, but also architecture students.

Data sources:, Mapa samosprávy


Web: VizePrahy

Can I Drink Here?

Team: Albert Uchytil, Honza Pawlas, Vojtěch Mašek, Petr Malina

Description: An app that will help you to stay of the trouble with authorities.

Data sources:




Team: Jan Pleva, Vít Listík, Tadeáš Ursíny

Description: Liveability index visualizer.

Data sources:




Team: Dmitry Pavlenko, Olivier Clerc, Jakub Lukes, Chris Ward


Data sources:




Team: Lenka Vraná, Jan Sovka, Petr Jakubec

Description: Find the beast around you! Adopt animal and explore what is hiding in the Prague ZOO.

Data sources: Opendata Praha, ZOO Praha



Wall Art Project

Team: Josef Glemba, Yashar Abbasov, David Pokorny, Guido Vendrame

Description: Map app with known mural arts in Prague with the possibility to inform about the unknown ones.

Data sources:



Sheeps and Solitaires

Team: Bob Koutsky, James Stephens II

Description: Which representatives do vote according to the party line and which do ignore it?

Data sources: Okno do radnice



Attendance of Prague City Hall representatives

Team: Bob Koutsky, James Stephens II

Description: The top 5 biggest absentee and nerds among Prague´s representatives in the current legislative period.

Data sources: Okno do radnice



a12 Map - Transport time accessibility map

Team: Eldar Gabidullin, Andrej Palička, Martin Barus, Karol Kasáš, Viliam Elischer

Description: A time accessibility (a12) map! Give users a visual (colour) representation - a map where they can select a point A and see immediately how long does it take to get to other parts of the city by the public transport.

Data sources: Opendata Praha: DPP



This Hackathon has been made possible by the support of

Main organizer

In cooperation with


Medial Partners

Developers who want to show their skills, write software and master emerging technologies.

Idea makers who can build innovative, open-source widgets and applications to change the way people feel and live their city.

Data scientists who know how to  find new ways to use open data and uncover data knowledge.

Urbanists who want to share their expertise, and  keep the focus on solving real problems and interesting issues.

Anyone who can help  generate new insights, brainstorm, design projects and tests ideas, so #PragueHacks 2016 will make a real difference to the city and its residents.

Any city can become a better, friendlier place to live, when the private sector, government, and active citizens work together to address new challenges. Together, we can all give the city the tools to become better than ever. To make this happen, #PragueHacks 2016 will bring together software developers, idea makers, data scientists, and urbanists to create a new City Dashboard (like this one). This open data platform can be filled with small, interactive widgets that will help us all to understand, and to change, our own dynamic urban environment, and see the wonder of life in this great city in a whole new way.

Over the course of a weekend, participants will organize into small teams, familiarize themselves with the technological requirements, and show their skills by writing software, designing mock-ups for a widget of their own, and implementing it while using available open data.

#PragueHacks 2016 will tackle some of the core issues of living in the city, suchas Mobility & Population, Leisure & Education, Good Governance & Transparency and Environment & Social Services – all of which can be addressed through open data from multiple sources.

No way! This event is open to anyone who cares about the city- you don’t need to be a resident to apply. You can even camp at Node5, if you bring a sleeping bag and mat. The event’s official language is English.

Participation fee is 250 Kč and covers roof over your head, breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee and beverages, cloud technologies for the hackathon, professional mentoring and great atmosphere.

The pre-event will take place on September 22 at 6 pm at Node5. The aim is to present you the data and technologies that will be available for Prague Hacks and to inform you about technical specifications for apps and dashboard we are going to create. Also you will meet your fellow-combatants and mentors.

Of course! You make the fruits of all your hard work open-source. But you can commercionaly build on them. There are no obligations, as long as you use the available Open Data sets and create something useful for the residents, businesses, or municipalities of Prague. That’s it.

Not at all. When the Hackathon kicks off, you’ll have the chance to pitch your idea to all participants, or to join a team you find interesting. Teams may combine or split up according to their interests and goals. Teams should consist of 2 to 5 people with diverse skills.

Since last year the City of Prague has launched its open data catalogue. We want it to be the main resource of data for your projects. More on that we have looked for other data and still we negotiate to various potential data partners that could supply other interesting datasets. However we  don't want to create any limitations to your work and imagination - if you felt that there are other data available or needed, feel free to type your suggestions in the table of data resources (as comments).

Apart from the Prague open data catalogue we will use data from Ropid, Liftago, Rekola, Česká Spořitelna, and others.


Bedřich Košata

#NetMetr, #Python, #DataProcessing

Bedřich Košata works in the association CZ.NIC as a head of research department that takes care of the projects as NetMetr, Turris, Knot DNS etc. At the hackathon Bedřich will help you especially with open data published by CZ.NIC and moreover, he can offer experiences with data processing in Python.

Petr Černohouz

#NetMetr, #OpenData, #Developing

Petr Černohouz works in CZ.NIC as administrator and developer in the R&D department on projects focused on network testing and measurements. One of them is NetMetr. For the hackathon Petr can provide explanation of NetMetr data structure and their collection and filtering before publication as OpenData. (Photo published with consent of the author: Petr Krčmář,

Jan Hájek

#Azure, #OpenSource

I am interested into many different technologies, not limited to the Microsoft ones. My major interests are Windows Server, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. I develop in PHP and JavaScript (and Node.js) on Microsoft Azure. I contribute to some open source libraries and I publish some of my own. I really like to share my experience with variety of the technologies and I am also very interested into learning other's experiences.

Martin Barry

Martin is a landscape architect, and the Founder and Chairman of reSITE. At reSITE, Martin leads the team with strategy, fundraising and overall goals while providing creative and program direction for current and future reSITE projects. As a former Associate at W Architecture in New York City where he worked 8 years, Martin led multi-disciplinary teams on complex landscape projects all over the globe, collaborating on urban waterfronts, parks, plazas and universities in the United States, Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates, Haiti, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Above all, he is committed to a human-centered design approach that focuses on quality urban investments that simultaneously benefit ecology, economy and culture for the next generation of urban dwellers.

Martin Šimeček

#CSharp, #Azure

I discover and learn what's new with Microsoft technologies and then show it to developers so that they have enough information to benefit from them. I train software development companies, consult startups, record videos and screencasts, talk at conferences and write for various audiences. My primary areas of focus are mobile apps, Microsoft Azure, conversation bots and Office 365 APIs.

Marek Jelen

#OpenSource, #Ruby, #Java

Marek currently works as a Developer Advocate at Red Hat, where his task is to introduce Containers, Kubernetes, OpenShift and other cool technologies to engineers, architects, etc. Before joining Red Hat Marek worked as a Ruby, PHP and Java engineer and consultant. Marek is Ruby enthusiast, contributes to open source projects and organises local Ruby User Group in Brno. When he is not traveling and meeting interesting people, he teaches Java and Ruby at Masaryk University.

Matěj Soukup

#DataAnalysis, #UrbanPlanning, #OpenData

Matěj works at the Prague Institute of Planning and Development as a data analyst. He is responsible for the open data managing and publishing from IPR and others city´s organisations. Moreover, he takes care of Prague spatial data analysis for the city planning purposes.

Osamu Okamura

Architect, program director of reSITE international festival and conference on more livable cities, lecturer at ARCHIP / Architectural Institute in Prague. 2014 New Europe 100 outstanding challenger from Central and Eastern Europe - by Res Publica with Google and the Visegrad Fund in cooperation with Financial Times. Lectured at universitites and institutes in USA, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine and Czech Republic. Official nominator of European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award - for the Czech Republic, expert advisor of Metropolitan Sounding Board of Prague City Council in the issues of urban development, member of Commission for urban development and architecture in Prague 7 district.

Samu Szemerey

Samu Szemerey is an architect and urbanist based in Budapest, interested in design as inquiry. His works investigate the relationship of contemporary culture, accessible technology and the human environment. He is a founding member and curator of KÉK Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center. He has taught, published and lectured internationally. As a consultant and strategist, he has worked with cities, institutions and private clients. He has directed workshops, research projects and curated exhibitions and public programs. From 2014 he also works with Design Terminal as advisor in urbanism. His ongoing PhD research focuses on networked technologies in urban space.

Jan Cibulka

#DataJournalism, #GIS, #Python

Data journalist at Český rozhlas (previously, GIS and Python expert. In spare time he applies Freedom of Information Act against public institutions reluctant to provide their data.

Jan Pospíšil

#Azure, #IoT, #Coding

Sr. Technology Evangelist @ Microsoft, SW a solution Architect, Developer, IoT & DIY Geek, Father, Husband, Technocrat, … My passions are IoT gadgets, IoT solutions, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, New Technologies (even bleeding edge), e-commerce, robotics, automation, coding, … I'd like to meet you for a chat about those topics and how you use them together with Azure services to boost your business.

Olga Škochová

Olga is an expert on cultural policy and advocacy, she is interested in the participatory cultural planning in towns and villages of the Czech Republic. Olga participates in the project about the support of the development of culture and creative industries in Prague - k r e p - Creative Prague! She is a member of the National Network of Healthy Cities and Nadace VIA in the development of activities focused on local initiatives.

Ondřej Profant

#opendata, #Prague, #opensource

Ondřej Profant is a representative of the City of Prague and also the initiator and coordinator of the project of Prague open data ( Moreover, he deals with open data within the association of Open Cities and for a long time promotes open source software.

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